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VAT Update

We’re ironing out details to get moving quickly on the OWH Veterans Agriculture Training (VAT) Program.  Today, with their permission, we were able to catch some photos and gain some structural knowledge from our friends at Country Seeds and Supply as they worked on our high tunnel.

These Amish gentlemen are the best in the business and work both speedily and professionally.   In no time at all, we will be soliciting help to construct (not difficult construction) the beds for our tunnel which, as it turns out, is one of the largest you can get!

We’re extremely excited to get moving and amazed at at how quickly things are taking form.   

Thanks so much to the Master Gardeners program and our friends at WVU Extension for their hard work and dedication to helping our veterans (and some non-veterans) program get off the ground!

If this fires you up and you’re anxious to be a part of this free program, be sure to register for our VAT mailing list.   Just click HERE and you’ll be taken to the correct spot to do so! 

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