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Resource / VAT Update

Our Annual Resource Fair is quickly approaching and will be held a week from today on Thursday, 29 October beginning at 10:00am (1000 for you still on military time!)

This year, we are poised to hold the event virtually while still offering great information from the experts on many topics.  We highly encourage anyone interested in “attending” the fair to pre-register by emailing Tyler at [email protected] or calling 304-816-4854 so we can ensure you are set to participate and engage with our presenters.

If you want to engage with Q&A and interact to the fullest extent possible, using the Zoom platform is the way to go and we highly encourage this method…again, if you have questions about Zoom you can call us at the number listed above.  

If you are familiar with Zoom and just need the logon info:  go to ZOOM.US/JOIN & enter Meeting ID: 880 4857 5476 and you’ll be good to go.  

For all others that are comfortable just watching at their leisure, we will stream the Fair through our Facebook page so just hop on at 10am…We guarantee there will be something for everyone!

Email: [email protected] ahead of time with any questions.   We’re here to serve you!

 A little update on our Veterans Agriculture Training (VAT) Program….

Our tunnel is nearing completion and we will be doing our best to construct the beds for the tunnel ASAP.   If you would like to get involved in the creation/building of the beds just shoot an email to [email protected] and let us know, I’m sure we can use the help!

Planning is going strong and we’ll be ready to start both class (perhaps virtual) instruction beginning in January 2021 at various times as we know everyone doesn’t keep similar schedules and we want anyone interested to have access to the information, training, guidance, and overall value of this free initiative!

We want you to be successful in your agricultural endeavors, bottom line!

Be sure to join our mailing list by clicking the “VAT Program” link on the menu bar and filling our a brief form and if you happen to be on Facebook be sure to “like” our page and join our growing “VAT Program” group so you can stay updated as we progress.  This will likely be the quickest way to find answers to all your questions (other than emailing us of course!)

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