This program aims to alleviate common barriers to services and employment faced by Veterans whom have so selflessly served our Country.

Operation Welcome Home provides a common meeting place at Mylan Park for Veterans to congregate, share what’s on their mind, form bonds and simply relax with other Veterans who understand their trials and triumphs. Ultimately, Operation Welcome Home will develop with Veterans an individualized employment plan that will help in their transition to civilian life by gaining meaningful full or part-time employment!

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Located at Mylan Park in Morgantown, Operation Welcome Home has a stand alone building with a picnic area, lounge with a TV/Cable and video gaming system, meeting area/conference room, WiFi internet access, computers for on-site use, private counseling and meeting area, and is in close vicinity to Pro Performance and University Town Center! This is a great place for Veterans and our supporters to congregate, “hang their hats,” and be at Home!

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Help Support Operation Welcome Home, an organization “For Veterans, By Veterans” in North Central West Virginia. You can support Operation Welcome Home by making a 100% tax-deductible donation(*).

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