Operation Welcome Home

Veterans Agriculture Training Program

This page serves as one of the primary resources for information and activities related to Operation Welcome Home’s Veteran Agriculture Training (VAT) Program.
 All veterans, dependents, and interested community members are welcome to join us.
 You will leave the program with the knowledge, resources, points of contact, business plan, etc. to enjoy all aspects of agriculture and even knowledge in poultry fielding and management

We look forward to working with you as we progress through our multi-year curriculum. There is no wrong or right time to join us – We are learning and teaching new content all of the time. 

Please reach out to us through our facebook page or at [email protected] for more information and how you may get involved.

Agriculture is for everyone!

On September 25th, 2020 Operation Welcome Home was granted funds to conduct a 3-year Veterans Agriculture Training (VAT) Program near our headquarters at Mylan Park.  Click HERE to read the official press release to learn even more about the program.

Operation Welcome Home’s Veterans in Agriculture Training program will provide a full gamut of classroom education, hands-on workshops, field trips, and individual needs assessment for our participants.  We will begin the program course with classroom instruction on what participants can expect from participating in the program: from learning what a high tunnel is through program completion with a blueprint to success in developing economic self-sufficiency.  Participants will have the opportunity to work in the high tunnel as their schedule permits and we will schedule oversight of operations appropriately.  


            As participants begin to learn, we will host field trips to different, successful, farms throughout the State and allow them to see various opportunities to enlighten them to what enterprises within agriculture they might like to pursue. Essentially, the first year of this project will be “Agriculture 101” for our veterans and not only provide them with the knowledge they will use as a foundation to be successful in the field (whether it be for profit or for social reasons), but also provide them with a tried and true therapeutic outlet and venue.



By sowing seeds and seeing the fruiting of their labor, veterans will take pride in their work and feel accomplished while forming important bonds with both their veteran peers and some non-veteran counterparts. The healing power of agriculture has been a highlight of many veterans’ personal recovery. This will undoubtedly be a win-win situation for all involved.

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