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October 2, 2022

Happy Fall, Y’all! I love the crisp feel in the air and the cozy feeling of sitting by the fire. It’s the cold that makes the warm feel good, and vice versa. Over 20 years ago I lived for a short time in San Diego- the land of 70-degree weather on any given day of the year. After growing up in Oregon, I was quite used to the seasons and the observation of change that cued memories and routines. Without those changes, it was hard to keep track of time, albeit it was nice to have freckles on my shoulders for Christmas.

Change is something that veterans are accustomed to, and the ability to master change is a skill that determines someone’s resilience. Resilience is the ability to spring back into shape or recover from difficulties. Veterans have a history of experiencing difficulties and being pulled in ways that would make Stretch Armstrong sweat. Are you observing the changes in you, or are you too busy meeting the needs of the challenges set before you? Can you take a breath and look around to see just how far you are allowing yourself to be stretched? Or are you withdrawn and closed in a safe cocoon?

What is the hot to your cold, and the cold to your hot? Or the slow to your fast? Humans are meant to feel things, and usually, a change or action is how we feel. Moving at a constant rate of speed feels like nothing, but if you add a change in the form of acceleration or deceleration, that is where we feel. Maybe your life needs gas, or maybe like me, a brake would be awesome for a little while.

If there is something you can change for the better- do it! If you always say “yes”, try saying “no”. Too tired to exercise? Suck it up, lace up the sneakers and take a few steps, then a few more. “Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” Mandy Hale

Good to know: Your life is worth it. Keep fighting and never give up. Every day, responders at the Veterans

Crisis Line help people going through a crisis. Call the new number—Dial 988 then Press 1—to

reach qualified, caring responders who are ready to listen.

Operation Welcome Home is here to serve veterans and their families in the greater Morgantown area. Let us know how we can assist you by visiting www.welcomehomewv.com or by calling 304-816-4854. See you all next month, embrace change and enjoy the journey!




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