Fellow Veterans,

Operation Welcome Home is your opportunity for employment regardless of your skills or expertise in any given area.  Hey, we all know and understand how difficult it is to find employment these days.  Especially, employment given the number of applicants for any given position and employers that just can’t relate to our “language,” hardships and sometimes difficulty in transitioning into civilian life!

We understand the challenges you face, and have faced, on a daily basis; Taking care of medical needs, appointments, gaining access to resources available to you while trying to earn some level of financial income to support yourselves and, in many cases, your family as well! We understand all this and have walked and rucked in your boots! We know you may need individualized schedules and support on different levels. IN working with  Operation Welcome Home you will be afforded all the opportunities to take care of your specific needs. We pledge to be at your service to the best of our ability and include you in every available employment opportunity that comes along!

Don’t worry if you do not feel you are qualified or have the skills necessary to accomplish a mission or job, we have your back! You’ll be trained appropriately or given employment that is best suited to your capability.

Give Operation Welcome Home a shot, give yourselves a chance and we’ll help you!  Never quit, never say you can’t do something and don’t sell yourself short!  We’ll get you working on jobs and local events around the community and ultimately help land you the perfect full or part-time job/career that fits your skills and desires!


Call me, Brett, at any time if you have questions! My contact information is right here and I would love to hear from you and help!

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